In our opinion, no intermediary can offer such a guarantee. However, our clients can rest assured that we will accept a mandate to sell only if we are convinced that the desired price can be obtained. The key to our approach is to set a price range based on a valuation carried out prior to the undertaking of the mandate. This strategy usually results in a selling price at least equal to, if not higher than, the asking price.

This approach prevents the disillusionment which invariably occurs when a client deals with a peddler who dazzles him with a totally unrealistic price. And, in addition to the disillusionment experienced by the client, there is the time wasted and damage done to the company as a result of this fruitless exercise. Peddlers such as these base their strategy on the law of average: the more mandates they have, the better their chances of completing a transaction. The result of this is a very low success rate.

Our strategy, however, is quite the opposite. We aim for a 100% success rate. During more than 20 years, we have achieved close to 90%. Therefore we only accept those assignments which we feel can be successfully completed. With Mergerac, there are no dazzling claims and no false promises. The only promise we do make is that we will put all of our resources at your disposal and devote all our efforts in helping you achieve the best possible deal.