Yves Blais

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Yves has more than 30 years of experience in the management and negotiation of transactions. He knows well the needs and concerns of managers of SMEs for having experienced them personally during all these years.

In the implementation of his mandates, he brings extensive experience and offers solutions which achieve the objectives of his clients since he himself founded, led, merged and sold companies in the past.

He gained practical knowledge and direct relationships with various industries and sub-industries such as services, distribution, manufacturing, retail and export. His skills brought him, throughout his career, to be part of several regional organizations for economic development and various advisory committees of financial institutions and public or private companies nationwide.

Yves holds a degree in finance and marketing from HEC Montreal. He is also member of the Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec. Due to his complementary studies in the United States and its export activities, he is fluent in French, English and Spanish.