As a result of our experience, we can advise you on the method that best suits your situation.

If selling your company, Mergerac examines the nature of your business and its market, determines your needs and your objectives and establishes the process together with you to maximize the value when selling. The approach can be targeted and very discreet to maintain maximum confidentiality or on a larger scale in order to increase the number of candidates.

In acquisition assignments, Mergerac has access to the most elaborate and up to date research tools and information networks. We maintain ongoing relations with a multitude of potential local and foreign intervening parties representing a wide array of industrial sectors. This enables us to provide you with invaluable information on market trends and thereby help you in your decision.

For corporate finance mandates, whether for your development projects, preparation of succession (family, MBO, LBO) or any financial reorganization, Mergerac assists you in the assessment of needs and the search for financing with financial institutions or financial partners. For example, financial support can translate into a conventional, equity or institutional loan.