Established in 1986, Mergerac offers specialized services in mergers and acquisitions.


It is distinctive as much from its past achievements and from its focus on medium-size transactions (prices ranging from $1 million to $25 million) as from its approach which relies on custom made services provided by seasoned, responsible and efficient professionals. Mergerac is also distinctive by its exclusive membership to the international network specialized in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance, Pandion Partners.


Mergerac’s objective is to assist company executives, be they owners or officers, in concluding, not just a transaction, but the best possible transaction. It aims to provide quality services comparable to those offered to very large corporations at affordable prices.

Mergerac does not carry real estate brokerage activities and therefore does not act as a real estate agent or broker.



The approach taken by Mergerac is based on the following principles:

-  Ensure from the outset that the planned transaction is realistic.
-  Take all necessary steps to ensure the transaction is concluded efficiently and without delay.
-  Maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.

The professionals at Mergerac make it a point to give each and every assignment the full attention it deserves. Therefore they will only accept a limited number of mandates. They do not accept potentially conflicting mandates. They aim to maintain their historical success ratio of close to 90%.


As a result of our experience, we can advise you on the method that best suits your situation.


If selling your company, Mergerac examines the nature of your business and its market, determines your needs and your objectives and establishes the process together with you to maximize the value when selling. The approach can be targeted and very discreet to maintain maximum confidentiality or on a larger scale in order to increase the number of candidates.


In acquisition assignments, Mergerac has access to the most elaborate and up to date research tools and information networks. We maintain ongoing relations with a multitude of potential local and foreign intervening parties representing a wide array of industrial sectors. This enables us to provide you with invaluable information on market trends and thereby help you in your decision.

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We observe the strictest confidentiality in every assignment.


In a merger situation, Mergerac uses a selective approach which consists in distributing the information document on the company only to a small group of serious qualified candidates pre-approved by the client, thus limiting the circulation of confidential information about the company. The operation being executed is kept confidential in order to avoid creating undue apprehension among employees, clients and suppliers.


In the case of an acquisition, we may approach the target companies without disclosing the name of our client. Owners are more willing to discuss the possible sale of their company when contacted by an intermediary rather than by the potential buyer. Using this procedure avoids tipping off your acquisition plans to competitors.


Mergerac is the exclusive Quebec member of Pandion Partners, a network of independent firms specializing in mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance.


Pandion Partners covers North and South America, Europe and Asia. The network also counts on different affiliations, alliances and other links to extend its coverage to other regions of the world, if appropriate. This flexible and intimate structure allows for a superior operational efficiency.


A more comprehensive description of Pandion Partners can be found at www.pandionpartners.com.


This network provides Mergerac with access to a larger base of candidates for sale situations, and assures it of identifying acquisition opportunities for any company wishing to expand outside of Quebec or Canada.



Mergerac charges success fees payable when a transaction is concluded, subject to minimal retainer fees.


Our independent status allows us to avoid any conflict of interest. It also offers the flexibility to accept a variable remuneration comprising shares, options and cash, should this be appropriate and advantageous to both parties.


Mergerac specializes in transactions ranging from $1 million to $25 million.


Therefore, our services are primarily suited to the following types of clients:


-  Owners of small and medium-size firms wishing to sell their business or expand it through acquisitions.
-  Major corporations looking to divest themselves of a subsidiary or division, or to acquire medium-size firms.
-  Individuals wishing to acquire their own company.
-  Corporations of all sizes interested in an acquisition locally or internationally.

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Pandion Partners has a strong presence in Brazil, India and China.


We offer a range of services to clients with an interest in entering or expanding into these growing countries – from market entry strategies, to corporate setup, mergers and acquisitions and joint venture strategies, strategic partner searches. Mergerac can act as a liaison to coordinate your activities with our colleagues in these emerging markets